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Foreword to Medical Intuition

ShareBy Caroline Myss Caroline Myss shares her thoughts in the foreword of Dr. Norm Shealy’s book, Medical Intuition: Your Awakening to Wholeness. I do not know one person who, when describing his or her state of health, does not fail … Continue reading

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Why Do We Age?

ShareAn Excerpt from Spiritual Facelift by Victoria Holt Most people who love their lives want to tap into the fountain of youth and live longer. Each year men and women, especially, spend thousands of their hard-earned dollars, trying to extend … Continue reading

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Foreword from “Visits from Heaven” (by Josie Varga)

ShareForeword by Gary E. Schwartz, PhD Is “life after death” real? Do our departed loved ones continue to feel love for us as we do for them? Are “visits from heaven” true? If you are a “professional” questioner and wonderer … Continue reading

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