Edgar Cayce on the Mysterious Essenes

Edgar Cayce on the Mysterious EssenesAn Excerpt of Edgar Cayce on the Mysterious Essenes: Lessons from Our Sacred Past

By John Van Auken and Ruben Miller, PhD

It was a surprise to everyone present when the so-called “Sleeping Prophet,” Edgar Cayce, began giving a trance-state discourse about a soul group called the Essenes (pronounced, es-scenes), stating that they played a major role in the spiritual journey of humankind. Except for a few scholars and ancient-history buffs, no one on the planet had heard of the Essenes—that is until 1947 when the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in caves in Qumran. And that discovery occurred two years after Cayce’s death in 1945, so he was teaching about a group that had not yet been discovered—revealing more about the so-called “Akashic record” and how all is recorded on this etheric film, this “collective mind,” and can be read if one’s own mind can tune into it, as Cayce’s did.

The physical Dead Sea Scrolls were found north of legendary Masada, along the northwestern shore of the Dead Sea. And though the Bible mentions Pharisees and Sadducees, it does not mention Essenes by name. Yet, we now know that the Essenes were deeply involved in Jewish and early Christian activities. Historical records of the Essenes have given us some insight into this mysterious soul group, who were sometimes called Nazarenes, having originally come from Nazareth…

[T]he Essenes were a large group of serious spiritual seekers, and though their scrolls were found in Qumran, their headquarters was on Mount Carmel, [a] coastal mountain range, twenty-four miles long, in northern Israel in the hills of Galilee and the Golan Heights, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. There are many caves in this mountain range as well as lush vegetation, making it a historically ideal place for those seeking refuge from the authorities or the general population…

According to Edgar Cayce (254-109), the Essenes were the continuation of the legendary “School of the Prophets” begun by the High Priest Melchizedek, who broke bread and drank wine with Abraham (Genesis 14:18). The school was further developed by the prophet Samuel around 1020 BCE in Ramah, a town about four miles northwest of Jerusalem. (I Samuel 19:18-24) And this school was revived by Elijah on Mount Carmel around 860 BCE. In the Bible, there are over twenty mentions of the School of the Prophets and groups of prophets working together…

The name Essene is Greek, and though it is and continues to be attributed to the communities at Qumran and Mount Carmel, none of the scrolls contain this name, and there is no evidence that the communities ever used the name Essene! … [E]ven though the scrolls never used any singular name to identify their community, they did refer to themselves by various descriptive terms, such as “the Keepers of the Covenant” and “Doers of the Law.” Interestingly, “Doers of the Law” in Hebrew is Osei ha-Torah, and Osei (meaning “to do”) is a form of Osim (meaning “doers”) and is pronounced oseem. Thus the “Doers of the Law” may have been called “the Oseem” (phonetically), leading us possibly to “Ossenes”—and in fact, Epiphanius wrote about a Judaic sect called “Ossenes.” (Panarion, 1:19.) This may have been the Hebrew source for the Greek name Essenes

In Edgar Cayce’s discourse numbered 254-109, he translated the name Essene to mean something akin to “expectancy” in English. And since the Essenes were considered by almost every classical record to be a “messianic” community, Cayce’s word choice would seem appropriate. “Expectancy” clearly indicates that they believed in the prophecy of a messiah that was given to Daniel by the archangel Gabriel in chapter 9 of the biblical Book of Daniel (9:25-26).

But Cayce explained that there was a bigger vision among these souls. He went on to explain that those who are seekers and “students of spirituality” and the “phases of spiritual evolution” have an “expectancy of a new order, of a fulfilling of or a return to those activities that may bring about the time for redemption of the world.” …

This Cayce reading goes on to indicate that it is important to enable individuals and groups to prepare themselves to be channels through which the more perfect way may be seen and understood. Thus, the need for the “School of the Prophets” as was begun by the high priest Melchizedek, the “King of Salem,” who broke bread and drank wine with Abraham (Genesis 14:18), and later by the prophet Samuel (I Samuel 10 and 19) and developed further by the prophet Elijah, ultimately leading to the establishment of the sect of the Essenes and their temple at Mount Carmel…

According to Cayce, the initial purpose of the Essenes was individual preparation for spiritual birth. Jesus gave this same teaching to Nicodemus when he stated the importance of being born again—physical birth was only half of the whole human journey, one also had to be born of the Spirit. (John 3) This was true because all humans are eternal spirit beings and only temporarily physical ones. A secondary purpose was to prepare enlightened people to go out into the world as light bearers to counterbalance the soul-crushing darkness of selfishness, materialism, and worldliness.

However, Cayce alerts us that the Essenes were not a homogenous group but, like the Christian Protestant faith, had many denominations, many branches of varying beliefs, rules, rituals, and lifestyles… Cayce also taught that the Essenes considered women to be equals with men, and even allowed them to serve in temple ceremonies: “This was the beginning of the period where women were considered as equals with the men in their activities, in their abilities to formulate, to live, to be channels.”(254-109)

Interestingly, there is confirmation of this in the scriptures when the baby Jesus is shown to a female prophet at the temple. (Luke 2:36-38) There is only one temple that would have allowed such a thing to occur, and it had to be the Essene temple on Mount Carmel. This same discourse of Cayce’s states that they “joined [the community] by dedication—usually by their parents. It was a free will thing all the way through, but they were restricted only in the matter of certain foods and certain associations in various periods—which referred to the sex, as well as to the food or drink.”

The readings explained that Jesus did not just suddenly appear but was the result of nearly 300 years of Essene efforts to prepare the way for the coming of the promised Messiah Spirit and the Messiah Consciousness into the earth! The Essenes had read the scriptures carefully. They knew that God had promised a maiden would conceive and birth a sacred boy that would be known as “God with us” (Isaiah 7:14, Emmanuel). And the archangel Gabriel had prophesied the coming of an “Anointed One” to challenge the world (Daniel 9:25-26). Therefore, the Essenes were looking for a special young woman who would be the channel of a light teacher from God.

[This post is an excerpt from Edgar Cayce on the Mysterious Essenes: Lessons from Our Sacred Past, by John Van Auken and Ruben Miller, PhD.

John Van Auken is a director at Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E., and is one of the organization’s most John Van Aukenpopular speakers, traveling throughout the U.S. and abroad to address audiences on the body-mind-spirit topics found in the Edgar Cayce readings. He is an acknowledged expert on the Cayce readings, the Bible, ancient prophecies, world religions, meditation, and ancient Egypt.  John conducts seminars in the U.S. and abroad, and is a tour guide to the many sacred sites around the world, including tours to Egypt.

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