Kim O’Neill on “The Calling: My Journey with the Angels”

By Kim O’Neill

I have been a professional psychic for over twenty-one years. One of the questions that I’m asked most often is, “How did you become a psychic? You seem so normal!” I wish I could tell you that I have always approached my life’s journey with seamless grace and dignity; that I’ve maintained emotional balance and unwavering optimism; that I have navigated my path buoyed by the utmost confidence in my ability to reach and exceed pivotal goals; that I felt entitled to receive the reward of unlimited abundance; that I chose to enjoy every moment of the journey fueled by my faith in self; and, that I remained humbly grateful for all of the teachers along the way who spurred my progress.

But that wouldn’t even be close to the truth. In fact, you’ll discover in these pages how clueless I was about where I was headed. I had no goals. I felt only anger and frustration toward my best teachers, like my father and ex-husband, who had come into my life—completely unbeknown to me—to help with my forward movement. I had little self-worth or confidence, and had fallen into the routine of battering myself with harsh criticism in regard to my failings. I was consumed with self-doubt and was afraid to take even the smallest risk. I wondered why some people seemed to achieve great success, while I continually worried about whether I would get a paycheck after working around the clock in a business I had come to hate. Unaware that many of the people in my life were spiritual teachers for me, I fought them every step of the way, refusing to accept personal accountability for the terrible quality of my life. I blamed everybody else for what had become a self-sabotaging downward spiral that repeated itself day after day.

Many years ago, as I began to conduct private channeling sessions, I was stunned to discover that large numbers of people felt the same confusion and hopelessness that I had. Many of us resist our important lessons, feel disdain toward our best teachers, have no clue about where we should be going, are unaware of our life’s purpose and how to achieve it, and live in a state of negativity and powerlessness. And, after all of these years, on some days, I still do! I’ve come to believe that no matter what your level of enlightenment, wisdom, or maturity, it takes remarkable courage to face your issues and take responsibility for what you were meant to accomplish while in your earthly life. There are certain days, even now, that I would much prefer to hide under my bed. We are all an ongoing spiritual work in progress.

While navigating my path, I’ve learned how to forgive and appreciate what my best teachers were trying to help me with…if only I had been open enough to realize it at the time. I want to extend a heartfelt “thank you” to two of them. My dad, with whom I so badly wanted a close father-daughter relationship, has now—in spirit—become a very good friend and guide. Not until I stopped lamenting over how hurtful his behavior had been while he was on the earthly plane did our friendship blossom into what it is today. My ex-husband was also a key teacher for me. I honor his presence in my life, and thank him for his resolute determination to carry his end of the spiritual apple cart. I wish, now, that I had possessed the maturity to have realized his contributions as they were being made.

I’m sharing my personal story to demonstrate that you aren’t alone, that others are struggling just like you are, and to convey, by relaying vignettes of my life, how making even the smallest—but different—choices, can yield big rewards. You can find happiness and peace in your life, no matter how flawed you are…and I’m living proof of that! I discovered that the whole process isn’t about becoming a perfect person as reflected in other people’s estimation; but, instead, being true to yourself and releasing the need for other people’s approval or endorsement for the choices you make…and the particular, unique path that you feel is your destiny.

While working on this project, I had family members, like my brother, tell me, “Just don’t talk about me!” Some people wondered aloud, “But you’re not a celebrity…who would be interested in reading about your life?” Others told me, “You’re crazy to share such personal details…I never would!”

I had to make difficult choices about which parts of my life I was going to share to prevent the book from evolving into 4,000 pages! In addition, following much deliberation, I have chosen to change the names of some of the people I talk about in these pages to protect their privacy. I’ve shared conversations that took place long ago to the best of my recollections. With the help of my angels, I have shared this narrative of my life as it has evolved to this point, in a way that I trusted would be insightful and encouraging to others who are struggling with similar issues. I hope you enjoy my story.

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5 Responses to Kim O’Neill on “The Calling: My Journey with the Angels”

  1. Lovely entry Kim. Reminds me why I enjoyed your wonderful book so much!

    • Randi says:

      Hi Lindsay, I’m Chase, I’m a she. Ta-da! Very good to meet you and may God bless and keep you and yours in every way. I just do what feels right deep in my gut. Doing this feels right. Everytime I try to quit my readers won’t let me, so they are stuck with me and we all do relaly love one another. You are so right! One doesn’t have to meet someone to fall in love with them. I hope you will stick around.Read more about me here:

  2. Caliuy says:

    What a welcome coenmmt! It’s incredible how readers will attack the messenger when all I have done with this wildly popular post is to re-post a collection of earth changes maps which have been around on the web for 15 years. I connected some important dots and put the thing all together, then I posted it. I neither drew up the maps or endorsed them, but I have been fascinated by different people from all walks of life who have envisioned and seen maps of America from the future which are very similar, even though many of these people lived in different times, places, and had never met. That’s a big clue to corroborating evidence in my book. I try not to get caught up in the negativity which flies under some of my blog posts. If the truth is controversial, so be it. I really appreciate your coenmmt! Thanks.Chase

  3. Harsha says:

    Maps with prophesied earth chgenas and post-flood USA renditions began appearing on the internet in the early 1990s. It is most likely that the sources for this map came from a study of several of those maps, which are all shown on the same page. You can see how similar many of them are and they were done by people at different times and places unknown to one another. I have speculated that the Dept of Defense’s Remote Viewing programs may have come up with the map. The DOD had an active remote viewing operation for years and years during the 1980s and 1900s. Coast to Coast AM has done several interviews with men who had been a part of this program, before it was discontinued, if it has actually been discontinued. Thanks for your visit.Chase

  4. Martin Saxton says:

    I have always known that we are more of Spirit than of flesh. In Spirit I saw the spiritual world. Most of it was a golden yellow but there were lots of red places in the mid east area. But there was only one Blue place and the world was spinning in the opposite direction such that the sunrise is in the west. The Great Spirit told me that Spirit is like a flame. Yellow flame is hotter than red and Blue flame is hotter than yellow.

    I tried to remember all of the red places so I could avoid them when God’s Love fell upon me. He indicated by his Love that He wants me in the blue place. The Blue was small where it touched the earth but huge out in space. It was snapped like a huge umbrella.
    The blue touched down below and a bit to the left of the Great Lakes. Independence MO.
    There is a “Temple Lot” there.

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