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Edgar Cayce on the Mysterious Essenes

ShareAn Excerpt of Edgar Cayce on the Mysterious Essenes: Lessons from Our Sacred Past By John Van Auken and Ruben Miller, PhD It was a surprise to everyone present when the so-called “Sleeping Prophet,” Edgar Cayce, began giving a trance-state discourse … Continue reading

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Sacred Journey

Shareby M.K. Welsch Every story has a beginning—the precipitating event that kick-starts the action into motion. This book is no exception. It began many years ago when I stumbled across the name Edgar Cayce and read about his life and … Continue reading

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How Can I Develop ESP?

ShareBy Carol Ann Liaros There is nothing difficult about developing ESP. In fact, it is such an easy and natural process that most of us simply overlook it. The most difficult task I have consistently faced in my workshops is … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Suicide and the Afterlife (from We Are Never Alone)

ShareBy Anthony Quinata Q. My son died of suicide, depressed, and addicted. What was his life review like? Was he instantly healed of those issues or does he have something to do before he finds peace? Is he okay now? A. First … Continue reading

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Life Purpose and Direction

SharePurpose and Direction, excerpted from The Way of Knowingness: The Intuitive Path to Your Spiritual Destiny By Kim O’Neill OUR SPIRITUAL JOURNEY continues as we focus on how to navigate the path toward accomplishing your dreams. In earlier chapters, we’ve … Continue reading

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Life Forces

ShareAn Excerpt from Edgar Cayce on the Spiritual Forces Within You By John Van Auken Life Forces In several ancient cultures, the life forces were depicted in the form of a raised serpent, and this serpent had wings or feathers—the … Continue reading

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