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Edgar Cayce Guide to GemstonesHistory of Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is an ancient stone well known in Egypt for adorning the Pharaohs’ funeral masks and other religious items. Today most high quality deposits are found in Afghanistan.

There are reports in the readings of the miraculous “singing” of Lapis Lazuli and it was something I wanted to experience for myself, so I tried it. I placed the stone next to my left ear and waited. At first I heard nothing, then I began to hear an extremely high frequency, a barely audible tone.

As was mentioned in the above reading, the sound was so weak it seemed to emanate from my own head, rather than from outside myself. It started out like a beeping similar to a morse code, yet again, so faint I could not make out any messages; then after keeping it in place for quite some time, the tone changed to something I could only describe as a song. It sounded like a little bird singing first thing in the morning. It was quite remarkable.

As the singing grew, my hand began to pulsate and it was as if the stone began to carry a very high vibrational frequency through my whole body. At a certain point, it began to taper off and I knew the healing was finished.

The other most profound case I have seen with the Lapis involved a student who came to my gemstone healing class some time ago. I was passing around different stones to the group and the man raised his hand.

“Yes?” I asked.

“I hate to say this,” the man began, “but I have to tell you I think stones are about the lowest things on the planet. I mean, this doesn’t have anything special about it!”

My first thought was of sheer wonder that the man was even at the class in the first place; yet, I soon realized why he was there.

“Yes, you are right,” I said, to the astonishment of the other students. “That stone you are holding has a very low vibration. There are others, though, having higher frequencies that we’ll look at now.”

I reached out and picked up a small piece of pure blue Lapis I had never shown to a group before and I passed it to the man. Immediately his face began to change and he “fell in love” with it.

The whole group watched as the man’s attitude, demeanor, and physical appearance totally shifted right before their eyes!

Of course, he had to purchase the stone and now carries it with him to this day. He told me later that he found by putting it in a bandana around his neck so the stone could touch his throat chakra, it had totally alleviated his acid reflux, and his normal tendency to consume nearly a roll of antacids a day had gone down to none. As far as he was concerned, this was a miracle.

He also told me that he was a frequent migraine sufferer. He did not ever seem to complain of that condition much since I have known him, and while studying the readings, I came across the following:

Here we find some complications—the effects of or the beginning of migraine headaches. Most of these, as in this case, begin from congestions in the colon. These cause toxic conditions to make pressures on the sympathetic nerve centers and on the cerebrospinal system. And these pressures cause the violent headaches, and almost irrational activities at times. (3400-2)

This passage seems to support the idea that the acid reflux may actually be linked to the migraine headaches. I shared this information with my student and he agreed, although he had never put the two together before, that the headaches had also disappeared when he held his Lapis near.

Edgar Cayce on Uses

Several people wrote in after readings to report on the healing effects of Lapis including feeling safe in the midst of danger and feelings of contentment. The high frequency singing is also beneficial to the body. Psychic development and awakening are also attributed to Lapis. Interestingly, as was stated briefly in the biblical section of the book, several scholars now believe the stone in the breastplate of the High Priest was Lapis and not sapphire, based on extensive geological evidence. So much of Cayce’s work revolved around things from ancient biblical times, it would not be surprising, yet at this point, it is only speculation.

Sample Lapis Lazuli Readings

As to your questions regarding the lapis lazuli: Both my husband and I have oval stones which we obtained from Mr. Green. I sleep with mine inside my pillow case, under my pillow. There are times when I have thought I heard it singing, but apparently the “singing” is within my ear or myself for I have heard it other than when the stone is near me. For awhile we both taped the stone over our foreheads at night, but had no outstanding experiences of any center’s activity being heightened. Rather, we find the psychic faculties sharpened only and when we study, meditate, and keep our trust and mind turned to Christ and God. (2072-16 Reports)

During the fire last week quite a few men were injured by falling trees and suffered various injuries. I felt perfectly safe even though I was assigned to the hottest district! I feel that the lapis is a great protective influence. I also might state that my personal contacts in business and in social life are happy and congenial which I feel lapis is somewhat responsible for. (1931-4 Reports)

(Q) Any color, stone or symbol for spiritual development?

(A) The lapis lazuli should be the better, but this should be encased and worn—for this body—about the waist; not around your neck. (3053-3)

(Q) Please give my colors, stone, odors and musical notes.

(A) The lapis lazuli, worn close to the body would be well for the general health of the body—and this you will have to be careful of very soon. The lapis lazuli, of course, is an erosion of copper; but this encased in a glass and worn about the body would be well. (3416-1)

The lapis lazuli stone would be well to wear about the body. This is as a chrysalis to be sure of copper; thus the very natures of same produce those emanations for the body in which the environ is made for keeping holy things holy, and material things in their proper relationships. For it acts as it were as a storage of energies of the inner self. (880-2)

Excerpted from Edgar Cayce Guide to Gemstones, Minerals, Metals, and More by Shelley Kaehr, PhD.

Shelley Kaehr, PhDShelley Kaehr, PhD, is one of the world’s leading authorities on the practical uses of gems and stones for energy healing and mind-body medicine. She is the author of Edgar Cayce Guide to Gemstones, Minerals, Metals, and More and Edgar Cayce’s Sacred Stones. She is a member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She travels throughout the world conducting thousands of journeys through hypnosis and training energy healing practitioners.

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