Prosperity and the Light: Your Guide to Living In Abundance

Prosperity and the Light: Your Guide to Living in AbundanceBy Diane Stein

An excerpt from the Introduction to Prosperity and the Light: Your Guide to Living in Abundance.

As long as there have been ethics, metaphysics, the New Age, spirituality, or even religion there has been an ongoing discussion about prosperity, abundance, and money. What is abundance, what is prosperity, what is their place in spiritual life, and how can they be achieved in spiritual ways? Is money, beyond what is absolutely needed for survival, ethical to have? Does it make you less spiritual or more spiritual to be prosperous? Does it make you evil or simply (and morally) successful?

I have thought long and hard—and read long and hard—for many years on the subject of prosperity and abundance and how to find it. I have found myself rejecting the advice of some experts and embracing aspects of others, but have found that most miss the mark by miles.

Poverty is not about one’s negativity or inherent badness. Wealth is not about one’s virtue or ability to “think wealthy.” Instead there are issues of karma involved, childhood abuse and conditioning, meaningful education, the politics of gender and race, common sense and good decision making, practicality and forgiveness, giving and receiving, self-worth and deserving, taking risks, choosing joy, and more. Some amount of just plain luck and being in (or being born into) the right place at the right time are also involved.

This book on prosperity and abundance is about rejecting blame and trying new methods. It’s about living in the Light, releasing karma, being grateful, learning to live with awareness, and choosing to forgive. It includes making your avocation into your vocation, affirming beauty, ethics, and the Light (Goddess or Source of your choice), and serving the higher good for yourself, everyone, and the Earth. It may not be orthodox prosperity dogma, but it is what I believe; and it works. The steps to prosperity that follow include: using practical money management, cleaning house and making space, working at what you love, dedicating yourself to the Light, using prosperity-attracting skills, learning to give and receive, asking for what you want and need, using karmic release to remove the blocks to abundance, and being grateful.

In this new philosophy of prosperity, there is enough and more than enough for everyone. Life is abundant and has everything we could ever need; we only need to understand how to obtain and make the best use of that abundance. What you do has consequence, and “what you send out returns threefold” (Wiccan adage). In other words: “What goes around comes around.” What benefits one person benefits everyone and also benefits the planet. If your means of acquiring prosperity is illegal, immoral, harms yourself or anyone else, or if it harms any living being or the planet, that means is to be avoided. The first rule of Wicca (which is also the root of the Golden Rule) is simple: “Harm none.”

However, if your means of obtaining abundance and prosperity help you while helping (or at least not harming) anyone else including nonhumans or the Earth, you are welcome to do what it takes to attain it. “Harming none, do what you will.” There is no concept here that money is sinful, wrong, or evil, that poverty is a reflection of your moral unworthiness, or that you cannot be spiritual if you are rich. Instead, money is the life force that belongs to all and is available for all to use. Use it in accordance with a few simple rules like the one above, and you are using it with the blessing and approval of the Light.

Creation is also energy and thought in action. The thoughts of great “Be-ings” (Goddesses, God, Source, the Light) become manifest in all things. Creation is the manifestation of the Goddess’ thoughts. Whereas traditional religion leaves all creation to God, New Age spirituality gives people some lesser powers of creation, as well. While we don’t have the major creational abilities of gods or goddesses, we do have free will and consciousness. We can choose what we want for our lives, and we frequently find the resources to create and manifest what we choose. However, we are not always powerful enough in our creation to manifest what we wish. Sometimes this is for the best, for our choices may not be in our own highest interest or may be harmful to ourselves or others.

And sometimes the Light has other plans for us. If we are all part of Goddess, we are also all one. When many change their minds and consciousness, the group collective consciousness also changes. For example, the gross inequalities of racism that were the norm before the nineteen sixties are inexcusable today. We do have some power to bring prosperity, abundance, and whatever else we choose into our lives and culture, but we are not all-powerful by any means. As creators, however limited, we have the responsibility to use our thoughts to change the world for the better.

Along with thought, creation and the life force are also energy. A property of energy is that it must flow and it is ever-changing. Energy is not static but is a process of coming and going, growing and waning, and ever changing. So is life ever-moving in all of its changing thoughts and ideas. What we chose for ourselves yesterday may be inappropriate today, outgrown or discarded, determined to be enough, or changed for something current in the moment. Abundance and prosperity are also creational energies that are ever-changing.

To have prosperity means to receive or to have life force energy, which ebbs and flows and is never the same. Energy can be experienced but not held onto; we can’t make it static. The popular proverb “you can’t take it with you” has more meaning than that money is worthless without life. Money that comes in but never goes out becomes static and stops. It ends or disappears if it doesn’t flow. Therefore to have money, one must keep some, spend some, and give some away. Prosperity that doesn’t flow out will soon stop materializing. Prosperity and abundance are energy, and money is simply a means of energy exchange.

Diane Stein is the author of more than two dozen books on spirituality, psychic techniques,Diane Stein metaphysics, healing and Reiki, natural remedies for people and pets, crystals and gemstones, and karma. Her best-selling book, Essential Reiki, sold more than 300,000 copies. She has studied healing and psychic work for more than 20 years. She makes Goddess talisman bead jewelry of all-natural stones and lives with her dogs and garden in Florida.

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