Life Purpose and Direction

The Way of Knowingness: The Intuitive Path to Your Spiritual DestinyPurpose and Direction, excerpted from The Way of Knowingness: The Intuitive Path to Your Spiritual Destiny

By Kim O’Neill

OUR SPIRITUAL JOURNEY continues as we focus on how to navigate the path toward accomplishing your dreams. In earlier chapters, we’ve explored how you journeyed from the heavenly plane to spend time on earth to achieve a specific destiny. To help you remember your destiny, you may want to practice my simple “Climbing the Stairs” meditation exercise, which will allow you to erase confusion and reframe any sabotaging limitations you had unknowingly set regarding your potential. Next, we’re going to discuss how you can build upon this foundation to create a sense of momentum in your life that will be fueled by a steadfast commitment to your individual purpose and direction.

Think of achieving your destiny, or spiritual goals, as your birthright on the earthly plane. It is impossible to fail in your quest to accomplish your spiritual goals because the path you chose in heaven is waiting for you. If you follow the path that represents your destiny, it will be impossible to fail.

To build the greatest level of success, you need to live with a clear, positive focus on your spiritual goals and a resolute determination to accomplish them. By doing so, you’ll create a new sense of confidence that will fuel all of your endeavors.

Failing to acknowledge your spiritual goals is very much like getting into your car and driving aimlessly with no particular destination in mind. You’re driving, but you’re not getting anywhere. If you’ve been busy, but not productive, this is a perfect time to evaluate where your life is headed. Why is this a perfect time? Stating the obvious, because there is no time like the present! The sooner you begin, the faster you’ll feel increasing levels of success and fulfillment.

There are two vital reasons why you should become an active participant in consistent goal setting. First, it will help you organize and establish suitable priorities. Second, you’ll discover how to set realistic time periods in which to achieve your goals.

The process of goal setting will compel you to focus on the present and near future. If you’ve had a hard time setting goals in the past, you’re likely to discover that one of the reasons for the difficulty lies in the fact that you’ve been primarily concentrating on what you don’t want. Have you ever found yourself saying, “I have no idea where I’m supposed to be going or what I want—but I can definitely tell you what I don’t want!”?

An awareness of what you don’t want has been born out of your troubled encounters with people, places, or things that have provided difficult, but necessary, learning experiences. Recognizing what you don’t want is very positive because it’s a starting point in setting future goals. A prolonged fixation on past lessons will actually prevent forward movement. Instead of contemplating the present or looking into the future, you’re maintaining a backward focus—like being stuck in a learning-experience time warp.

But there is a big, bright light at the end of the tunnel. If you’ve been focusing on issues from the past, this fact tells you that you have the ability to focus! When you feel ready to change your life, all you have to do is redirect your focus. Instead of concentrating on what you don’t want any longer because of disheartening past experiences, begin to ask yourself what you do want now so that you can start to develop a richer life in the present and future.

It’s important to remain patient during this process. If you’ve truly been living in the past, don’t be surprised by the fact that when you first begin to shift your focus, it might be disheartening. You might discover that your present quality of life is actually much more empty and uninspiring than you realized. Be aware of avoiding the self-destructive trap of complacency. You might tell yourself: “I’m lonely and unhappy, but at least my life is so much better than when I was married to so and so.” “I hate my current job, but I remember how much worse my old job was and how badly my boss treated me.” “I know I’m drowning in debt and am incredibly stressed, but at least I’m no longer a child in the miserable household where I grew up.” If you allow your thoughts to continually return to the past to justify an unsatisfying present, you’re destined to remain stuck.

Remember that you are the architect of your life on the earthly plane. Your destiny was not meant to be an endless series of traumas and hardships. One of the most important things to remember is that learning experiences were never intended to derail your forward movement—they were meant to inspire and fuel it. Because you chose the specific dynamics of your current destiny before you were born in this lifetime, you’ll begin to feel that you are taking control of your life when you develop an awareness of your spiritual agenda. It’s that simple.

Think of your life on the earthly plane as a page in a very personal spiritual coloring book. Your outline, or spiritual blueprint, is already there. You simply have to add the colors you desire to bring the page to life through your free will as each new day unfolds. The colors are symbolic of the actions that move your life forward in appropriate and satisfying directions. As you act, you add color to the outline and bring to life the page of your coloring book. But first, you must be able to recognize your spiritual outline by reconnecting with your soul so that it can relay what your blueprint holds in store.

Once you begin to open the lines of communication with your soul and are learning more each day about your spiritual purpose, you’ll be eager to attain as much support, encouragement, and assistance as possible to help you forge the new path you’re meant to take. Your guardian angels can dramatically help with this process. By learning how to become aware of all of the angelic messages that are available, you’ll be tapping into one of the most powerful sources of energy in the universe, which will augment your efforts and move things forward much faster.

[This excerpt is from Kim’s latest book, The Way of Knowingness: The Intuitive Path to Your Spiritual Destiny, which available from]

Kim O’Neill, voted Houston’s Top Psychic by Houston Press Magazine, has been a Kim O'Neillpsychic channel for more than 25 years. She conducts private channeling sessions for an international list of clients from all walks of life—physicians, attorneys, entertainment professionals, religious leaders, fellow psychics, and many more. Her “Ask Kim” column is a prominent monthly feature in Indigo Sun Magazine. She has established international motivational seminars and workshops designed to help people transform their lives and develop greater spiritual awareness. She is a frequent guest on radio and TV talk shows, providing accurate and specific psychic information covering a wide range of topics. Kim is also the author of The Calling: My Journey with the Angels.

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  1. Dawn Arthur says:

    Good read with very good useful information. It is as if you are reading my thoughts and counseling me ever so gently to get going with my journey already! Thank You I can’t wait for the rest!!!!

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