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Awakening to the Psychic Soul

ShareAn Excerpt from Your Psychic Soul By Judith Pennington Even as we struggle to stay balanced amidst the hustle and bustle or worries and concerns of daily life, the psychic soul finds ways to guide us; and indeed, when we … Continue reading

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Communications from the Other Side, Chapter 1

ShareBy Anthony Quinata I seriously doubt I would even be doing this work if it weren’t for my aunt Sue. Sue isn’t from Guam, but from Japan. She is married to my uncle Joe, who is my mother’s brother. It’s … Continue reading

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Kim O’Neill on “The Calling: My Journey with the Angels”

ShareBy Kim O’Neill I have been a professional psychic for over twenty-one years. One of the questions that I’m asked most often is, “How did you become a psychic? You seem so normal!” I wish I could tell you that … Continue reading

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Foreword to Edgar Cayce’s Story of the Bible

Share by Gladys Davis Turner (1905-1986) Edgar Cayce, the twentieth century’s most astoundingly accurate prophet, had the psychic gift of being able to put himself into a state of self-induced trance. In this state, Cayce, a man of little formal education … Continue reading

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